Hot Topics Examined

Hot Topics Examined in The American Medical Money Machine

The AARP, the Joint Commission, Tenet Hospitals, UnitedHealthcare Group, Medicare, Jeb Bush, organ harvesting… all exposed!

  1. The AARP is controlled secretly by UnitedHealthcare Group, one of the most corrupt medical insurance companies in the U.S.
  2. The Joint Commission, which accredits hospitals as being worthy of receiving Medicare payments, is dominated by private industry. Although chartered by the U.S. in 1965 to police the hospitals they accredit, they never do. Why? Money! Lots of it.
  3. U.S. officials in charge of policing the healthcare industry do not. Once they leave government, if they have cooperated, go on to 7-figure positions or board seats with some of the biggest and dirtiest players in the industry.
  4. Jeb Bush, George’s brother, is on the Board of Tenet Hospitals—one of the most corrupt healthcare companies in the U.S. He used his position when both his father and brother were president to exact special favors for Tenet and other outlaw healthcare players.
  5. The amount of corruption in the healthcare system exceeds the Pentagon budget! The U.S. DOJ who is supposed to police the healthcare industry recognizes $600 billion in yearly fraud but collects only $750 million in fines.
  6. Not one of the major corporate executives involved in healthcare fraud ever go to jail. Doctors, pharmacists, dentists and the like, even small time players do time for their crimes, but never the big boys!
  7. The same U.S. corporations who have been charged and sanctioned for Medicare and criminal fraud, have been working on establishing a network of hospitals internationally for the past 20 years. Now these hospitals, through the Joint Commission, are receiving accreditation (illegally) so that Medicare and private insurance will pay for treatment of U.S. Citizens.
  8. Prices for procedures in the U.S. will be modeled against prices abroad. The insurance companies have consistently paid doctors less and many medical professionals have left medicine altogether leaving under qualified and inexperienced doctors, when they can be found, to take their places. Hence the U.S., formerly first in the world in 1965 in terms of medical care is now 40th and falling fast.
  9. Human organ trafficking has become a big international business. The recent bust in New Jersey represents only a small part of a much bigger picture. People are killed for their organs to fill orders placed by wealthy people who travel to Thailand and other places, already tissue typed and matched with donors who are executed prisoners from China, starving families in India or perfectly healthy people who are killed while in the hospital in order that their freshly harvested organs can be immediately transplanted.

And this is only a small sampling of what is contained in The American Medical Money Machine.