A Deadly Mystery

Here is the compelling outline of The American Medical Money Machine, a deadly mystery that is anything but fiction.

The author personally experienced the results of a system powered by the greed of insurance and—to a lesser extent, pharmaceutical companies—and in this work he exposes the dangers of the medical tourism industry.

Prelude: The Beginning of the Nightmare

One: The Story Behind the Story: Cracking the Puzzle
The two interwoven stories are introduced. Who murdered the American Healthcare system and who killed Joshua Goldberg?

Two: They Walk Among Us in Hiding
How I deduced the hidden the presence of the secret interests responsible for perhaps the greatest heist in recorded history.

Three: Awakening to an International Tragedy
The terrible drama and details around my sons death begins to unfold.

Four: The End and the Beginning
The intimate details of what is involved in laying to rest your only child in a foreign land. The examination is very close in because I want the reader to have a full sensory experience of the pain which I hope they can avoid.

Five: Eulogy
For my son and for all of us. A cap to the story about Josh’s life and death. Later chapters will circle back to Josh, the murder and other details.

Six: Serious Business
The business end of Josh’s death, the confrontation with Bumrungrad and the Joint Commission. This is where a mass of details converge, for the first time, and focus my investigation and what strategy needs to be pursued to achieve full exposure.

Seven: Bumrungrad: “Bummers” to the Locals
A microscopic and granular assault on the hospital, its methods, practices, executives, board members and so on. It is broadside and comprehensive-it is puncture proof.

Eight: Tenet Healthcare: Masters of Deceit?
The veiled ownership of Bumrungrad is examined. One of the most criminal corporations in American History stands behind the curtain. Very comprehensive. I don’t want there to be any doubt.

Nine: Chairman Chai
Chai Sophanpanich, the Chairman of Bumrungrad. If Chapter Seven was not enough, readers will now know who controls the hospital in which my son was killed. Chai is a very bad boy, and I show why. This is also a comprehensive chapter to insure there are no holes in my story; all charges are backed up with hard evidence. This exposes a Thai cartel which exercises authoritarian power and prowess.

Ten: A Lesson in the Unbelievable: The 50-Year Racket of the Joint Commission
A deep vertical look into The Joint Commission. The hospital does not cooperate, so I go to the American organization which bestowed a rouge accreditation to Bumrungrad. They are the enemy in our midst; covert and dangerous.

Eleven: The Squeeze Play: Consumers, Formerly Known as Patients; Providers, Formerly Known as Doctors
Patients become Consumers; Doctors become Providers. What has happened to people on the receiving end of healthcare in the U.S? I lead into why and how Medical Tourism is being developed and the financial corruption that lays at its foundation.

Twelve: The Crucifixion of Doctors in America
A no holds barred view of how doctors have been emasculated in the United States, who did it, why. What they results mean for the present and the future.

Thirteen: The Insurance Cartel Kings: A History of the Damned
I delve into seeing just how big and controlling the insurance companies have become by scaling them economically and revealing the key players. They and the government have operated in collusion to displace patients, doctors, and worse. The unimaginable fraud which has occurred and has brought the system to its knees if introduced with gusto.

Fourteen: Data Control + Mind Control=Total Control
A penetrating view of how technology has and is being used to profile people, track their whereabouts and medical conditions, blacklist patients and doctors and socioeconomic status and to use this information to assist in price fixing schemes for which UnitedHealth has already been fined by New York State for over $300 million.

Fifteen: UnitedHealthcare Group: A License to Steal
Exposing a monster: United Healthcare. The biggest and baddest boy on the block is exposed. An examination of how they are getting into Medical Tourism in a big way and how their track record in this country is littered with terrible crimes and rip-offs. Their incredulous personal attack on Josh is also included. The exposure of their most successful front, the AARP.

Sixteen: Sound Bite: Medical Tourism
Illuminating the meaning and fraud of the medical holiday!

Seventeen: The Media: State of Despair
How the softball pitches thrown by the media have actually accelerated the rise of Medical Tourism.

Eighteen: The Killing
How a botched murder was exposed by a whistle blower. The discovery of faked documents and the brutal discovery that the murder had been planned for days! Now that the reader is presented with how the murder went down.

Nineteen: World Access: The Hidden Operative
This is the third party administrator hired by Blue Cross of California to oversee Josh’s care. The dialog they had with Bumrungrad is eye popping. World Access is a wholly owned division of Allianz, the world’s largest insurance company based in German and Switzerland.

Twenty: Organ Trafficking
The ultimate medical crime is introduced and linked to my son’s death. The enormous traffic in South East Asia of body parts stolen from living prisoners prior to execution, the rationale of why a hospital is the best place to harvest and transplant-to order!

Twenty One: Reflections and Projections
Diagnosis and prognostication. What did I find, what protections must be sought to protect an unsuspecting world. What is the likely outcome? What does this all mean?

Supplement A: User’s Guide to Medical Tourism
Practical suggestions for those inclined to seek medical care abroad, really tongue-in-cheek. Designed to show the absurdity of asking straight questions of those who have no interest or obligation to answer!

Supplement B: The American Medical Money Machine
What our website contains and how to participate.

After Words: Remembering History and Keeping Promises

In Training: The Writing of This Book