Squeezed to Death

Squeeze. Photo by Nick Harris/Flickr.

Squeeze. Photo by Nick Harris/Flickr.

The Author of a Deeply Probing View of Medical Tourism Warns that the Consequences for American Healthcare Should Not be Forgotten in The Noise of The Upcoming Election and The Economic Brink on which the US Stands.

(PRWEB) 3 October 2012

In a press conference today, James R. Goldberg, noted author of The American Medical Money Machine, warns the public not to be hoodwinked into forgetting that their lives—and the lives of their family and friends—are in the cross hairs of the medical insurance cartel.

According to Alistair Henderson of Homunculus Press, publisher of Goldberg’s challenge to Medical Tourism, the handwriting on the wall is apparently not large enough. Goldberg is once again warning, “In these deeply troubling times where the world stands on the precipice of economic disaster and political and social turmoil have ripened into an international fiasco pitting religions and cultures against one another, the discussion concerning healthcare seems to be taking a back seat in the mind of the public.”

Goldberg continued, saying, “My deep feeling is that the financial catastrophe in the United States portends a beating of the healthcare system. Access to quality care and doctors is going to boil into a crisis. Patients and doctors are the target! Doctors are leaving the practice and our brightest minds are not choosing medical careers because a course has been clearly set for doctors to receive less and less while being expected to do more and more.”

“Goldberg’s research has found that many medical institutions are replacing doctors with Physician Assistants, basically, technicians with a fraction of the proper training of fully educated, interned and board-certified doctors,” according to Henderson. “Goldberg is observing how patients are faced with soaring health care costs, increasing co-pays and deductibles and diminishing access to timely care with each passing day,” Henderson further explained.

“This is happening simultaneously with undeniable inflation and increases which have been slipped into existing tax code. The government has blown their wad and now wants the people to suffer the consequences of their mismanagement,” Goldberg says. “The average patient visit in the US is down to a matter of a few minutes. This is hardly time to understand the complexities involved in making a proper diagnosis and treatment plan.”

Goldberg added, “An example of this is the increased dependence on printing money. This irresponsible fiscal practice will lead to devaluation accompanied by yet another gift of $40 billion a month to the banks, institutions that have no intention of injecting this new windfall into the economy. This is criminal. Yet, aside from the occasional Madoff, none of the big players have anything to fear, so the march to Totalitarianism continues in the United States!”

Goldberg’s book, The American Medical Money Machine, looks behind-the-scenes of the interests of big business in collusion with big government. “What I predicted has come true,” he said. “The prospects are gloomy for what once was the greatest healthcare system on earth.”

Goldberg continued to explain that, “the healthcare bill known as Obamacare is nearly 3,000 pages and involves unbelievable, complicated formulas and rhetoric. I defy anyone to explain this complex piece of legislation to a normal person in five minutes. The variations, combinations and permutations are beyond comprehension. I contend that most lawmakers on the State and Federal levels have not even read this massive piece of legislation.”

“What we do know is that Tom Daschle, former Speaker of the House, was hired by President Obama to guide this legislation through to law,” Goldberg adds. “Daschle is the chief lobbyist for United Healthcare, one of the largest insurance companies in the world. This bill has the interests of the medical insurance cartel plastered all over it: Obamacare is the offspring of self interested companies who have no compassion for people or the dedicated doctors who have been trained to the highest levels.”

Goldberg continued to observe how Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney makes nondescript statements about stopping Obamacare, but then says little about what he intends to substitute. “Since Romney sees the world through the eyes of big business and big money, the chances are significant that people will suffer and that the medical insurance cartels will feast high on the hog.”

“What this muzzled debate also suggests is that Medical Tourism will continue to grow unregulated and Americans will be left with little choice than to go abroad for cheaper care. Sadly, they don’t realize that in the event of a mishap, they will have no legal recourse,” Goldberg noted.

“The number of large companies who are now attending major conferences for Medical Tourism has grown to staggeringly large levels,” Henderson added. “Goldberg warns that these new-breed medical portals are deeply exploring what was once a boutique alternative to care in the US.”

“This spells danger for us all and should not be forgotten in the midst of the campaign noise. Listen to the knocking on YOUR door. Do not forget that healthcare is now solidly in the hands of people who care not for you, but for their bottom lines,” Goldberg explains. “I only wish that there was a choice in the upcoming election. But the indications are ripe that the public is about to be squeezed by big money: perhaps squeezed to death.”

Goldberg’s explosive book on the corruption of our health care system and his cautionary tale about the evils of Medical Tourism, The American Medical Money Machine: The Destruction of Healthcare in America and The Rise of Medical Tourism, is available on Amazon in paperback or Kindle, as well as through bookstores everywhere.