JCI in India

From time-to-time, we’ll share some of the correspondence we receive, with permission of the sender. Here is a note about the JCI in India from a physician, who has been stonewalled by the JCI following the death of his brother at a so-called JCI-accredited facility in Kolkata (Calcutta). JCI’s Quality and Safety Monitoring division responded to Dr. Thakur in May 2016 by email. Their curt note conveyed that the case is still in their review process, however, “finalization is difficult to predict.”

Regarding JCI Accredited Hospital in India

February 2, 2017

Dear Sir,
I lost my younger brother in the Apollo Gleneagles Hospital, Kolkata due to apathy of health care workers. I complained to the JCI giving the brief history of the case nearly six years back. It closed my case giving some instructions to the hospital quite prematurely. Even then I kept writing to the JCI and again my case was opened, nearly three years back.

This time they asked me to send some papers related with the treatment of the patient. They have not decided my case so far and now they have also stopped acknowledging my mail. This led me to search for any example of withdrawal of accreditation of any hospital by the JCI.

I did not find much about JCI on google but luckily came across your site. I was under the impression that the JCI has different standards for India and USA. I am shocked to know the reality of the JCI.

With regards,
Dr. S.K.Thakur