CNN and Bumrungrad Perpetuate a New Fraud, Starring Morgan Spurlock

Morgan Spurlock plays the part of patient at Bumrungrad Hospital for an episode of CNN's "Inside Man" on medical tourism.

Morgan Spurlock plays the part of patient at Bumrungrad Hospital for an episode of CNN’s “Inside Man” on medical tourism.

“Journalists” are Now Firmly Committed to the Profession of Producing Commercials for Crooks.

Santa Fe, New Mexico, 12 April 2015

By Dr. James Goldberg, Author of The American Medical Money Machine: The Destruction of Healthcare in America and the Rise of Medical Tourism

Just when one would assume that the American media mafia had no more room to stick their heads up their ass, a nouveau moron from CNN has added yet another piece of garbage to the stinking ship which was once a proud profession: investigative reporting.

In early February 2015, CNN (who Ted Turner founded and left because the network has become a not so laughable joke) hired Morgan Spurlock, a sub-clinical moron and failed movie maker, to drive another nail into the death of thoughtful journalism, into the American coffin of dead truth and into the minds of millions who will and want to believe that green grass still grows somewhere else. Take a look at the promo for his piece of propaganda: “Surf, sand… and surgery? Inside the world of medical tourism”.

I don’t know if Spurlock is an entertainer, comedian, journalist, commentator or just a garden variety huckster. I don’t think that CNN knows either, nor do they care.

What I do know well is the inside of this story. I spoke at substantial length to Spurlock’s hired producer, one Conall Jones, about the dangers of Bumrungrad Hospital in Bangkok and of the detailed account of the murder of my son at Bumrungrad committed under the baton of Dr. Peter Morely, the International Medical Director of this vicious institution known for its skill in buying CBS, CNBC—and now CNN—into believing that Thailand is the Mecca of Medical Tourism!

With the help of world class forensic experts, I was able to uncover forgery, faked medical records and blatant manipulation of truth designed to cover clear truths: this resulted in the murder of my only child, Joshua, who was killed for his organs: a big business in South East Asia. My book details what happened to my son in 2006 at Bumrungrad. I won’t repeat the numerous details which lead back to the American medical industry that is actively seeking control and new fortunes abroad through the abuse of patients and their financial usery on a planetary basis. Bumrungrad has led this charge big time!

Not enough to steal at home: let’s go international.

I put Conall Jones in touch with Roz Deveaux, the victim of a botched spinal vertebrae prosthesis implant, a procedure not then approved in the US. Physicians used an insert too small and inaccurately placed; hence, the vertebrae slipped forward causing constant pain and agony for this victim of Bumrungrad. She, too, had extensive conversations with Spurlock’s proxy producer yet CNN/Spurlock wanted more victims in order to support a report which would question the alleged quality of care to be enjoyed at this international hot spot of medical miracles.

So, CNN now had two stories detailing a mutilation and a death at Bumrungrad. Because of their apparently sophomoric research, they were unable to uncover others. I have received communications from hundreds.

Now comes the mockery. Spurlock and crew traveled to Bangkok in February to meet with Bumrungrad executives, doctors and patients. I had warned them that they would be wined, dined, provided with sexual favors of any kind, given luxury hotel accommodations and who knows what else. This was what they had done to CBS’s legendary 60 Minutes team in 2005-2006 and to CNBC’s Steve Case. Their reports came through as glowing commercials for Bumrungrad. Now Spurlock and CNN were in the queue. I warned them that Bumrungrad’s proclivity for phantasmagorical exaggeration and favors of the flesh were to be expected. Did they care or listen? Nope.

Instead, Spurlock provided an hour long commercial.

That’s right. CNN produced a slick ad for Bumrungrad, not a news piece, plus they gave Spurlock an MRI and a colonoscopy while comparing the price of these procedures in New York vs. the costs in Bangkok at the legendary hospital hotel, the Five Star Bumrungrad.

First of all, Spurlock is 45 and not a candidate for a colonoscopy. He claims no family history of colon cancer. The US provides this procedure for free for those who hit 50. But what the hell, he got a capsule colonoscopy when no medical need was present. He then went further and requested an MRI for an aching shoulder!

The comparative bills CNN touts as reasons to seek care abroad. But what is a few thousand dollars of savings if your come home maimed... or dead?

The comparative bills CNN touts as reasons to seek care abroad. But what is a few thousand dollars of savings if you come home maimed… or dead?

And then another stinker is seen in Spurlock’s Bumrungrad commercial. He is presented at the cash register with the Bumrungrad bill while CNN provides a mocked-up bill for similar treatments in New York. Yes, he is shown being presented with the bill by Bumrungrad but refuses to produce any proof that he and/or CNN actually PAID for the services rendered. I contacted CNN’s producer demanding a copy of the proof of payment for Spurlock’s services. None has been produced to date.

What does this mean? An investigative reporter goes to a hospital to do an objective report and receives free services for made-up medical needs. In plain language, he was bribed. CNN has done nothing to deny that although there is an apparent cost advantage. This is a specious piece of crap since Spurlock or CNN never paid for medical services delivered for made up needs. I am still waiting for proof of payment. I think I will be waiting for a long time.

The rouse gets better. Bumrungrad, with a thinly veiled suggestion, touted that they could rehabilitate quadriplegia and presented some American stooge who testifies that first he was blind (paraplegic) but after visiting Bumrungrad, he could see (read: I’m cured and THEY did it!).

I have received hundreds of calls from the world over about this charade. What a cruel joke to play on people who would do and give anything to move again. But, as I mentioned, Bumrungrad has a refined act which is lapped up by the American public.

As a final comment on this charade—one that astounds me even as I write this down for your information—Spurlock agreed to don a Bumrungrad Hospital uniform and pretend to patients that he was an employee, there to see to their wellbeing and rapid recovery. I assume that cameras were hidden and that the unsuspecting patients did not know they were being filmed. They probably didn’t know who Spurlock was, nor did he bother to tell them he worked for CNN.

Medical mistakes aren’t newsworthy, right?

Most people are unaware that Americans and Australians run Bumrungrad. In their 2002 Annual Report, Tenet Hospital System, formerly known as National Medical Enterprises, who was ordered to divest their foreign holdings as part of a $3 billion criminal Medicare fraud deal, still appears to be the owner of this Thai wonder, most likely parking their ownership in proxy.

Good work CEO, Mack Banner: they don’t make ’em any slicker than you!

Tenet has denied ownership but that assumes that they give a crap about being compliant with the Justice Department, the HHS and the FBI.

Speaking of the FBI, I spoke with them about opening this case. But guess what, boys and girls? The US has NO legal jurisdiction for medical mistakes or crimes when committed abroad. So if you end up with Bumrungrad or any other foreign hospital, don’t look to the US Government for help or sympathy. They’re more interested in making war, catching terrorists (or making them) and as for patients injured at sham hospitals like Bumrungrad? Buddy, you’re on your own.

Although Spurlock was well aware of their chicanery, I firmly believe that they never read my 450-page book on this subject or took heed of ANY of the cautions provided by myself and Ms. Deveaux seriously. Not a word was mentioned about our cases, which would cause their viewers to stop and think about this vicious hoax which is visited on the world’s public.

If you want to be sucked in by this bozo and CNN again, continue to watch and be deceived. This adulterated shit is what they are selling, cloaked in the robe of pseudo journalism.

Lies, deceit and—as in the cases with CBS and CNBC—their failure to question or acknowledge that multiple sentinel incidents (medical mistakes, drugs or procedures which are deemed to affect the safety of the world’s patient population) have been reported to the Joint Commission means nothing. As for the JC, these are the same folks who were given exclusive license to accredit hospitals in the US in order that they might receive Medicare compensation that accounts for nearly 50 percent of most US hospital revenue.

No accreditation, no hospital.

The Joint Commission gets paid for their accreditation and the Secretary of State is empowered by the 1965 Medicare law to set their fees. The last three Secretaries of HHS have failed to disclose how much they allow the Joint Commission to charge. What is public knowledge is that Secretaries, including Donna Shalala, have gone on to become executives and board members of insurance companies like UnitedHealthcare/AARP. Just have a look at how many billions they have paid for Medicare fraud!

But hey, this is America. Everything is for sale. In this sad tale, even CNN can be bought. Ted Turner made a good choice in ditching these crooks.

Bumrungrad is a death trap. Save your life and stay away. CNN, fire Spurlock’s ass and sue Conall Jones for fraud and misrepresentation. The media must be held accountable lest we be led to attempt to glean the truth from Russian Television, the BBC and Al Jazeera.

Shame on CNN for not vetting their broadcasts. Spurlock: you’re my clown du jour!