James R. Goldberg

James R. Goldberg

Dr. James R. Goldberg has served as a senior level executive and CEO with deep experience in running early and mid-stage technologically complex businesses with a major focus in health care. He has been a Principal of one of the world’s leading technology and business consultancies, the PA Consulting Group, based in London, England.

The author has been primarily involved as a bio-medical engineer and technologist, developing medical technologies for surgery, drug delivery and diagnostics.

Jim served as contracted Executive Director of the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories’ health care initiative, a U.S. Defense Research Laboratory program aimed at converting military technology into medical technology. He has invented more than 12 technologies that have received U.S. and International Patents.

Jim earned his advanced degrees, along with other post-graduate degrees, at Michigan State University, New York University, Stanford University and European study programs including the Sorbonne, France, The University of Mainz, The University of Jena, Germany and the University of Madrid, Spain.

New books to be published by James R. Goldberg: Murder in The Court, Broken, Paid to Lose and Sanctuary.

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